Relocate to Clackmannanshire

Fast road and rail connections and central business location make Clackmannanshire the perfect location for your business.

Clackmannanshire lies in central Scotland between the River Forth to the south and the Ochil Hills to the north. Its main towns, which include Alloa, Clackmannan, Alva, Tillicoultry and Dollar, are thriving centres of brewing, distilling, confectionary, engineering, technology and the manufacture of textiles and glassware.

Central Business Location

Clackmannanshire can now claim to be one of the best connected regions in Scotland making it the perfect place to relocate your business to.

Literally hundreds of millions have been spent in the past three years giving Clackmannanshire greater connectivity to the rest of Scotland and the UK increasing it's prominence as a central business location.

Recent developments such as the Alloa Train Station and the Clackmannanshire Bridge means that Clackmannanshire is served by excellent road and rail connections to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Perth, Dundee and beyond.

On an environmental level Clackmannanshire is a fantastic central business location. Affordable housing, spectacular green space and a thriving retail and social environment all help to ensure staff prefer to live locally.

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