Successful Business Testimonials

Testimonials from Businesses that have found success in Clackmannanshire

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to the businesses that have found success in Clackmannanshire.

Sterling Mills

"The revitalisation of this area is creating a really positive spiral. Projects like the new Forth Crossing and the rail link to Alloa, helped us to bring great brands like M&S and Gap to Sterling Mills. Plans like Imagine Alloa continue that upward spiral and help to make Clackmannanshire an ever improving place to live and do business. Our visitor numbers are growing substantially year on year and we hope to continue that trend and bring even more top retailers to Sterling Mills."

Paul Sutton
Retail Operations Director
Sterling Mills Outlet Shopping Village

ACE Recycling

ACE Recycling are located in the heart of Alloa. We service a wide variety of public and private sector clients throughout Scotland and are committed to retaining our base in this area. Alloa and Clackmannanshire are equidistant to Edinburgh and Glasgow and also ideally situated for our fleet to cover Fife, Forth Valley, East Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire, Perthshire, and Tayside. We consider this to be one of our key competitive advantages.

Doing business in Clackmannanshire is also a very positive experience.   We find Clackmannanshire Council a very positive and forward thinking Local Authority, supportive of local business networks and accessible to developers.  We have an excellent commercial & industrial property supply and prices in Clackmannanshire are extremely competitive. ACE find it easy to recruit both professional and operational staff. Links to educational and training establishments are also superb in the area and we have no concerns re the future HR growth requirements.

ON an environmental level Clackmannanshire is a fantastic place to do business from. Affordable housing, spectacular green space and a thriving retail and social environment all mean our staff prefer to stay local.

Malcolm McArdle
Managing Director
ACE Recycling Group


Benkert UK

Benkert UK is specialist printing company.

Following a major fire at our premises, we had an urgent requirement to relocate the whole of our administration off site.

Within 36 hours of the fire starting, we had viewed a number of possible local options.

Within 48 hours of the fire starting, we had moved into suitable accommodation, which had overnight been furnished and connected to the telephone system.

A few weeks later we were assisted again with the provision of a temporary manufacturing unit.

I found that the business community in Clackmananshire was keen to provide any services we required, allowing us to concentrate on recovering our business.

John May
Materials Manager
Benkert UK Ltd


C-MEE is a local Social Enterprise offering work placement opportunities to those who are facing barriers to employment.

In 2009 we had to find new premises and were delighted to find Alloa Business Centre provided all-inclusive packages, and offered us a stepped rental, giving us a lifeline at our most vulnerable time.

Our premises at Alloa Business Centre have allowed us to project a more business like image and offer our staff, customers and colleagues a pleasant and flexible environment from which to operate.

The meeting rooms, which we can book free of charge, offer comfortable and spacious surroundings and the staff could not be more helpful and dedicated.

The initial support we received was crucial to our survival at a time when we had a very uncertain future and the continued support we enjoy has enhanced our business and helped to increase our capacity.

As a Company, we cant imagine a better place to be and we look forward to being in Alloa Business Centre for a long time to come.

Jane McTaggart
Operations Manager

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