Perfect Business Location – Clackmannanshire

Clackmannanshire: The Perfect Location for your New or Existing Business

Imagine Alloa Clackmannanshire Bridge

Used in advertising campaign

Clackmannanshire has always been a perfect location within central Scotland making it an extremely attractive place for people to both live and work.

Recently, millions of pounds have been invested into fast road and rail links, improving and enhancing the attractiveness of Clackmannanshire, opening up the potential to exploit new markets. Furthermore, projects like the Alloa train station and Clackmannanshire Bridge have supported the investments expanding the reach of the smaller counties to larger cities for example Dundee, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Considering the already perfect location, combined with the above investments and projects, Clackmannanshire is the ideal location to set up a new business or relocate an existing business and Imagine Alloa is here to help!

In addition to the three new schools, £20 million was invested in a brand new state of the art Forth Valley College, which opened in 2011, making Clackmannanshire not only a place of increasing opportunity and growth but also a great location for employees and their families to live and work.

Other landmark developments in Clackmannanshire’s transformation include the huge investment that has been made in new quality housing, set in the backdrop of The Ochil Hills, as well as the investments made in retail from Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Lidl & Morrisons.

To find out more click here to see our video.

If you are considering relocating or would like to start up a new business in Clackmannanshire, give us a call on 01259 727 312 or contact us direct at

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Clacksfirst Bid Cementing Partnerships

Clacksfirst BID has forged many partnerships that benefit the businesses within the Business Improvement District throughout Clackmannanshire’s foremost industrial estates and business parks.

Criminal Justice Service (CJS) delivering a variety of services including the removal of discarded pallets, graffiti, litter, fly-tipping and an assortment of environmental enhancements.

The work carried out by CJS is a partnership agreement that otherwise would cost a significant sum of money to the businesses, however it is Clacksfirst BID’s aim to create as many partnerships as possible delivering work and services free or at vastly reduced rates.

Imagine Alloa, Clacksfirst, Alloa

Gary Weir, CJS and Kevin Deighan, Clacksfirst BID

Other partner agencies of the BID are Central Scotland Police, Scottish Business Crime Centre, Zero Waste Scotland, Clackmannanshire Council and Forth Valley CCTV.

Clacksfirst recently made a small donation of building materials to CJS as a gesture of goodwill and partnership working.

Businesses with Clacksfirst BID should contact Kevin Deighan on 01259 727312 should they require a service that CJS could deliver.

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Alloa Landmark in Warner Bros Film

Clackmannanshire Bridge features in Warner Bros film, Cloud Atlas

EAGLE-EYED film buffs will spot a familiar landmark in the latest trailer for Warner Bros film, Cloud Atlas.

The Clackmannanshire Bridge can be seen briefly in the recent teaser for the Hollywood adaptation of David Mitchell’s award-winning novel – albeit with a little CGI tinkering.

While it’s doubtful the bridge will get top billing alongside stars such as Tom Hanks and Halle Berry, it will be an added incentive for Wee County cinema goers.

Councillor Donald Balsillie, convenor for Enterprise and the Environment, said it was county’s moment for “Hollywood stardom”.

He said, “There is enormous benefit to promoting our services to the film industry and attracting a range of film productions to the area. It contributes to the local economy, promotes Clackmannanshire worldwide and brings visitors to the area.

“Cloud Atlas is released on 26 September in the USA, and this could be a moment for Clackmannanshire’s Hollywood stardom – one example of what the location services within Clackmannanshire Council has delivered.

“It is exciting to think that local scenery such as the Clackmannanshire Bridge and the Ochil Hills will feature on the big screen alongside such stars as Halle Berry and Tom Hanks. I am sure this will not be the last film to take advantage of our stunning surroundings.”

Filming took place in September last year as the bridge stood in for 1970’s San Francisco.

The road was closed for around four hours as a film crew shot footage, including a car chase.

Cloud Atlas is directed by Tom Tykwer (The International) and the Wachowskis (The Matrix trilogy).

The story revolves around six interlocking lives in one adventure, circling the globe and reaching from the 19th century to a post-apocalyptic future.

It is due to be released in UK cinemas this October.

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5 Great Reasons to Relocate Your Business to Clackmannanshire

1. Central Business Location

  • Fast road and rail connections and central business location make Clackmannanshire the perfect location for your business.
  • Clackmannanshire can now claim to be one of the best connected regions in Scotland making it the perfect place to relocate your business to.

2. Available Commercial Property

3. Business Relocation Support

  • With a council that has granted a higher percentage of planning consent for commercial projects than any other in Scotland we ensure that relocating your business property to Clackmannanshire can be achieved quickly and with minimum disruption.

4. Business Improvement District

  • The business community has an aim and vision of taking Clackmannanshire forward and of business growth and diversity in the area which can be shown by their agreement to regenerate Clackmannanshire through the creation of a Business Improvement District.

5. Join the businesses that have found success in Clackmannanshire

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Connected Central Business Location in Scotland

Fast road and rail connections and central business location make Clackmannanshire the perfect location for your business.

The Alloa Train Station and Clackmannanshire Bridge mean that Clackmannanshire is one of the best connected regions in Scotland. It also has a great selection of commercial property to buy and also business units available to let within it’s main towns, which include Alloa, Clackmannan, Alva, Tillicoultry and Dollar.

The combination of fast road and rail connections along with the amount of available business properties in the area make Clackmannanshire a prime business location.

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Keira Knightly Loves Mrs Tilly’s Tablet!

Kiera Knightly revealed in an interview this year her love for Mrs Tilly’s.

Tilly Confectionery, or better known as Mrs Tilly’s, is a family run Clackmannanshire business who pride themselves in the production of good quality confectionery, using traditional methods and only the finest of ingredients.

Watch Kiera’s delight as she receives a piece of Mrs Tilly’s tablet.

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Mr Singh’s restaurant opens their doors to Alloa

Finally, after eighteen months in the making Mr Singh’s restaurant has opened in Alloa Town Centre.

Last Wednesday saw the fantastically designed eatery almost burst at the seams with around two hundred guests wined, dined and entertained.

No expense was spared with canapes and champagne to get the evening started followed by the Indian cuisine that Mr Singh’s has become famous for.

TV celebrity Neil Oliver, a regular at Mr Singh’s Stirling restaurant officially opened the new restaurant commenting that he ‘has eaten in restaurants across the globe and has yet to taste food better prepared than that at Mr Singh’s’.

Rajinder Singh didn’t just happen upon Alloa however, the entire process way back in February 2011 came about through the ‘Imagine Alloa – Better for Business’ campaign.

Whilst looking to find premises for a new restaurant Mr Singh’s was looking to Edinburgh City Centre when his business advisor John Pryde of Brand Income engaged in dialogue with the Imagine Alloa team.

Mr Pryde told us – “Alloa was not on our radar as a location in the short term, however when the vacant unit at the Old Brewery site was brought to our attention by Imagine Alloa I advised Mr Singh’s that this site and Alloa as a location could offer tremendous scope for growth given its road and rail links to surrounding towns and cities.”

Following those early discussions Rajinder Singh visited the site at the former Maclays Brewery and immediately recognised the potential of having one of his restaurants in Alloa Town Centre, Mr Singh told us “I acted on Brand Income’s advice that Alloa and this location could offer an ideal platform to deliver on our expansion plans and with the support from Kevin and his team at Imagine Alloa – this provided us with an element of comfort and assurance that we could get this project off the ground”.

“I am delighted that we are now open for business and I look forward to meeting the good people of Clackmannanshire and sincerely hope they will enjoy Mr Singh’s Alloa.”

Imagine Alloa – Better for Business is a project run by Clacksfirst Business Improvement District and is funded through Clackmannanshire Business and both Clackmannanshire BIDs. The aim is to attract investment into Clackmannanshire through projecting all that is positive about our county.

Kevin Deighan, Clacksfirst Business Improvement District and Project Manager of Imagine Alloa told us “This is probably the biggest story of the campaign however we have had other success in attracting businesses to our business parks and industrial estates.”

“We should also take into account that not only has Mr Singh’s invested in his new restaurant and fantastic fit out he has consciously made the effort to use local businesses throughout the process. This is evidenced in the fact that Machin Associates was the architect on the restaurant whilst Marshall Construction did the conversion from a retail unit to the stunning restaurant we now have in Alloa.”

Mr Singh’s Alloa restaurant truly is a sight to behold and is unmissable from Mill Road and Tesco’s car park. We recommend you take a look for yourself and whilst there check out the fantastic twist in the artwork celebrating the Mulholland and Scott sculptures in and around Clackmannanshire.

This is one of the many projects in which Imagine Alloa has managed to create more and more jobs for people in Clackmannanshire. In fact we helped to create over 50 jobs last year alone.

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Recycle with Clacksfirst BID – Cardboard Uplift Commences

Alloa BID cardboard recycling uplift helped by Zero Waste Scotland

Clacksfirst BID members took the opportunity to participate in The Big BID Recycle project with the first cardboard uplift taking place last Wednesday.

In advance of new regulations, coming into force January 2014 Clacksfirst BID sought funding from Zero Waste Scotland to facilitate the project with a view to helping its BID member get ahead of the game and save money.

The Big BID Recycle project will see businesses get into the habit of separating their mixed recyclables such as cardboard, paper, plastic and cans and make them available for uplift every Wednesday.

The first phase is cardboard with the other recyclables uplift rolling out in a few weeks time, this should result in an increase in materials that are recyclable being recycled and reduce the amount being sent to landfill.

The ultimate aim of the project is to encourage BID businesses to recycle more and ultimately save money by doing so.

The project will run until December 2013 and will take place every Wednesday, businesses are encouraged to leave their flattened cardboard out from 2pm.

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Free Cardboard Collections for Local Businesses

Thanks to the launch of BIG Recycling Project in ClacksFirst BID area, local businesses are being offered a free cardboard collection scheme from the 1st of August 2012.

BIG Recycling Project in ClacksFirst BID offers free cardboard recycling

This collection scheme was created to try and improve the recycling of business waste and reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Businesses in Alloa Town Centre have already been using this local service but from this week onwards the service will extend to the ClacksFirst BID area, meaning many more businesses have the opportunity to use this service.

Businesses are urged to make sure their cardboard is flattened and all polystyrene is removed. The flattened cardboard should then be palced into a large cardboard box which is to be placed curbside at 2pm every Wednesday.

Empty boxes, tubes, sheets and packing cases are the types of cardboard that will be lifted by the scheme.

Kevin Deighan, ClacksFirst commented: “The target for this project is to increase awareness amongst the Clackmannanshire business community that new legislation, Waste (Scotland) Regulations, requires them to separate their mixed recyclables such as cardboard, cans, plastic and paper.”

“We would hope that BID members view this as an opportunity to get ahead of the game and when the regulations come into being in 2014 the separation of these materials is normal practice to them.”

This project is being delivered from a range of different local organisations such as, ACE and Zero Waste Scotland, Alloa Town Centre BID and ClacksFirst.

The scheme plans to help the environment but also save large amounts of money throughout the county.

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40 Alloa Job Opportunities with new KFC

In September 2011, Clackmannanshire allowed the Wasps Property Group to construct a restaurant, a hotel and a car park on the 9649 square metres of land next to the Wasps football grounds.

KFC then placed a planning application to begin building the new Alloa branch of KFC, which will offer around 40 new jobs.

The outlet will be located on the site of the temporary car park between Alloa Athletic Football ground and Alloa Fire station on Clackmannan Road.

A spokesman for KFC said ” We are delighted to confirm that we are due to open our new drive-thru in Clackmannan Road, Alloa, this autunm.”

“The new restaurant will create around 40 new career opportunities for the local community and we’re looking forward to welcoming local residents to the store.”

KFC is a successful multinational franchise which makes millions annually, there is no doubt that the construction of their new restaurant will bring benefits in addition to new jobs for local economy.

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Mr Singh comes to Alloa

Mr Singh's Restaurant is one of many benefitting from economic development in Alloa Town Centre

This year Raj Singh will open a new branch of his Mr Singh’s restaurant in Alloa Town Centre.

His application to transform the former Acorn Pets unit at Thistle Brewery into his fourth restaurant in central Scotland was successful.

The new restaurant is expected to create around 25 new jobs in the town.

Mr Singh’s business advisor John Pryde was the man who suggested that the branch consider Alloa. Kevin Deighan, Clacksfirst Ltd and Project Manager at Imagine Alloa met with both Mr Singh and Pryde to discuss the benefits of opening a new restaurant in Alloa Town Centre.

Kevin said, “There are lots of extremely successful businesses in Alloa Town Centre and when you look a little closer their success is down to fantastic products and service. We spoke to Raj about this and believed that if he is confident in delivering the product and service then a new venture in Alloa would work for Mr Singh’s.”

David Haswell, Chair of the local Economic Development Partnership Team said “I am personally delighted to welcome Mr Singh’s to Alloa. As a regular customer of his Stirling restaurants, I am a fan of the quality of the food and the friendly service that has become a hallmark of Mr Singh’s. To have a quality restaurant with such a good reputation will be a huge boost to Alloa Town Centre and Clackmannanshire and I wish Mr Singh all the best in this exciting venture”.

It is not only the discerning diner that will benefit from this development. Mr Singh recognises that there should be an opportunity for local businesses to benefit from his move. This is evidenced in the fact that he has appointed local architects Machin Associates and aims to work with as many local providers as possible.

Colin Machin, Machin Associates said “We met with Mr Singh and Kevin Deighan at the proposed site for his new restaurant and immediately thought his plans and ideas were exactly what the town centre needed. We are delighted to have been appointed to this prestigious and innovative project and look forward to seeing the work commence, the public are in for a treat.”

Kevin Deighan told us “We have been instrumental in the several businesses relocating to Clackmannanshire and will continue to do so. When a new business moves into the area the first thing they do is look around to see who they can do business with – this all contributes toward boosting the local economy”.

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Frank joins the BIDs BIG Recycle

The Big Recycle project in Alloa Business Improvement District

Local businesses within the Alloa Town Centre and Clacks First BID areas can expect a visit from a waste management specialist who will help them to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

The BIG BID Recycle project is funded by Zero Waste Scotland, and is being delivered in partnership with ACE.  It is open to businesses within either Clackmannanshire BID.  Zero Waste Scotland provided BIG BID with almost £30,000, which aims to help small businesses benefit from improved recycling and comply more easily with Scotland’s new waste regulations.

Frank Robertson, the BIG BID Project Leader will work with both BIDs on the BIG BID Recycle project, by visiting, discussing and auditing current waste practices.  Frank will also bring businesses up-to-date with new waste legislation which will require businesses and households to separate their waste for recycling from 1 January 2014.

Frank said:  “The BIG BID recycle is a fantastic free service which will reduce recycling and waste disposal costs to businesses with no increased effort.  Some businesses have already saved money by changing their current waste contracts, moving to smaller waste bins and saving hundreds of pounds per year.”

The proactive approach by the Alloa Town Centre BID and Clacks First BID towards these changes will see businesses in both BID areas being given free bags to separate their waste into plastic, paper and cans, which will then be collected by ACE, our project partner.

A successful bag collection scheme has already been trialed in Alloa Town Centre, whereby paper and plastic were collected in separate bags and uplifted at the same time as cardboard.

Marissa Lippiatt, Zero Waste Scotland says:

“With the new waste regulations coming into play over the next few years, businesses can stand to gain a real competitive advantage by starting to implement the necessary changes now.  At Zero Waste Scotland we are committed to making compliance as easy as possible.

“This funding provides small businesses with practical solutions to their waste management problems, such as allowing them the opportunity to work together to collect key recyclable materials.  Working together in this way is crucial to successfully meeting the obligations of new regulations, as well as having a considerable financial benefit to organisations.”

Frank Robertson, the BIG BID Project Leader

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